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Department of Mechanical accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

Manufacturing is the back bone of any industrialized society. Mechanical engineers are the driving force behind the design, evaluation, manufacturing and maintenance of various systems. Mechanical engineering in the current scenario not only revolves around basic areas like thermal engineering, material science, manufacturing technology, refrigeration and air conditioning, automobile engineering etc. but has rather become an inter disciplinary horizon of vast knowledge with limitless application areas.

The students of mechanical engineering are exposed to various courses designed to impart maximum practical based knowledge to master these budding engineers to work under challenging and dynamic environment. The students are trained on latest advances in technologies like nontraditional machining, CAD/CAM, Robotics, computer integrated manufacturing system etc.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering to A.R. Kalsekar Polytechnic.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, a three year programme divided into six semesters, was added to the existing disciplines in the academic year 2005 -06 with a batch of 60 students. Since then the Mech. Dept has undergone rapid development in terms of its physical infrastructure and human resource. In the academic year 2012-13, the sanctioned intake was increased to 240 (180 in the 1st shift and 60 in the 2nd shift).

Key Objectives and Areas of Focus:

  • Inculcate strong technical skills to our students so that they become experts in identifying, formulating and solving engineering problems.

  • Encourage and mould the development of innovativeness and creativity in our students.

  • Equipped our students with strong communication and personnel skills so that they can work effectively and successfully in a team.

  • Ensure that our students understand the importance of professionalism and ethical responsibilities.

  • Enable the students to function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Empower our students to work successfully and adapt with ease to challenging situations to meet organizational and societal requirements.

  • Instill a strong moral sense to our students so that they refrain from wrong and unethical behavior.

  • Provide motivation and aid to needy students in terms of counseling, scholarship, book bank facility etc.

Laboratory Infrastructure of Mechanical .Dept. :

The following state-of the –art and spacious laboratories, containing the latest equipments, machineries, tools, instruments and furnishings, have been established to ensure that students get complete facilities to thoroughly understand and explore the concept of Mechanical Engineering as learnt in the classroom and enhance their practical knowledge and hands-on-skills.

  • Central workshop consisting of fitting, plumbing, wielding, carpentry, smithy and sheet metal work sections.

  • Machine shop consisting of conventional and semi-automated machines like lathe, drilling machine, shaping machine, grinding, machine, milling machine, hacksaw machine etc.

  • Automation lab (CNC machining centre) consisting of the latest CNC milling and CNC lathe machines

  • Automobile lab consisting of all components of 2 and 4 stroke petrol/diesel engines, components of various automobile parts like brakes, transmission, suspension, etc

  • Material testing lab is well equipped with latest material testing machines for conducting variety of tests such as tensile test, compression test, shear test, impact test, hardness test, torsion test etc.

  • Fluid power lab (hydraulics lab) consisting of hydraulic machineries like pumps and turbines, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit trainers, devices to measure discharge, pressure, velocity, etc, devices to demonstrate the basic principles of fluid mechanics.

  • Thermal engineering lab consisting of machineries, equipments, models and charts to demonstrate the basic concepts and applications of thermodynamics like heat exchangers, boiler models, models of b boiler mountings and accessories, thermal conductivity device, PVC, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus, engines, etc.

  • Power engineering lab consisting of machineries, equipments, models and charts to study and determine the performance of various power producing and power absorbing machineries like 2 and 4 stroke petrol/diesel engines, air compressor, refrigerator, air conditioner, turbines, etc.

  • Theory of machines lab consisting of models and charts of various mechanisms, cams & followers, brakes, etc to clarify the subject matter of theory of machines and mechanisms.

  • Measurement and control lab is an ultra modern facility consisting of the latest in all measuring devices.

  • Metrology and quality control lab consisting of all instruments, tools and charts used in metrology and quality control.

  • Mechanics lab consisting of all equipments and set-ups required to demonstrate and clarify the basic principles mechanics.

  • Computer centre is a specially designed facility equipped with the latest computers to meet the requirements of mechanical engineering viz. auto CAD, C-programming, solid works, etc.

  • Alternative energy sources lab consisting of models and equipments to demonstrate and measure the utilization of non-conventional energy sources.

  • Drawing hall: The dept has three ergonomically designed drawing halls fitted with LCD projectors with screens, well designed drawing tables and stools. The halls are fully ventilated and lighted so that the students can work comfortably for long durations.

Besides the laboratories mentioned above, the dept is well supported by basic engineering laboratories equipped with ultra modern facilities like physics lab, chemistry lab, basic computers lab.

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Establishment Year: 2005-2006

Intake Capacity: 180

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